IEEE LiFi standard OpenSource List

The OpticalPress Team is happy to provide Open Source Codes based on IEEE 802.15.7-2018 Optical Wireless Communication (OWC) standard, the most recent international standard that includes Optical Camera Communication (OCC) technologies. We believe that the codes are beneficial for the implementation of your novel ideas as well as practical comparison purposes.

We were lucky and proud to be activate members and voting members who have contributed for the IEEE 802.15.7-2018std. since yearly 2015. Formed by a voting member within the Task Group of the standard, our team has now become a team of five young and talented researchers. All of us have been working on Light Communication, particularly OCC, for at least several years.

Currently, the OpticalPress Team provides a plenty of OCC Open Source codes as follows:

  • IEEE 802.15.7-2018 Camera-On-Off-Keying (C-OOK)
  • IEEE 802.15.7-2018 Asynchronous-Quick-Link (A-QL)
  • IEEE 802.15.7-2018 Hidden A-QL code (HA-QL)
  • Rolling-OFDM
  • 2D-OFDM Screen code

Moreover, we guarantee the post-purchase service that helps our customers mastering the codes and understanding the algorithms, or customizing the code based on their needs.

Please download the updated file for the description of the open source codes.