Implementation of HA-QL Code

HA-QL (Hidden Asynchronous Quick-Link) is a hidden modulation mode among Screen-2-Camera operating modes within the IEEE 802.15.7-2018 Optical Wireless Communication standard.

An interesting feature of HA-QL is that it allows for controlling the peak-to-peak amplitude of the intensity modulation, from a visible code to a hidden code.

The HA-QL Code Project is cleaned, well-packed and documented.

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Technical features of the HA-QL code project

Here are some of advanced technical features from our HA-QL code project that you may get beneficial from:

TX technical features:

  1. Read a file to transmit, Convolutional Code with Interleaving
  2. Controllable TX display size
  3. Controllable the visibility level of TX to evolve from a visible code to a hidden code.
  4. Controllable clock rate for changing refresh speed of TX

RX technical features:

  1. Multi-tasking techniques for real-time image processing
  2. Auto-detection and tracking the transmitter
  3. Auto- threshold training process for data frame detection
  4. Auto- threshold training process for preamble detection and packet recovery
  5. Feed forward training allows RX for decoding correctly even if when TX changes its transparency
  6. Real-time Multi-Tab display, including data display and BER monitoring

Overall description of HA-QL Code Project

HA-QL Software Package User Guide:


Technical Documents for HA-QL System:

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Implementation Video demo: