Tác giả: Trang Nguyen, Anil Yesilkaya, Cheng Chen, and Harald Haas

Tạp chí: ICC 2022

Ngày xuất bản: 07/2021

Tóm tắt:

In this paper, a novel LiFi system, which supports data transmission under rotation conditions is proposed for a MIMO link. To achieve this goal, a system architecture, which is based on a digital mirror device (DMD) and rotation sensing algorithms, is proposed and investigated. The DMD plays an essential role at the receiver side, helping the receiver to detect the device rotation and adapt to the orientations of micro-mirrors accordingly. Because the DMD helps the proposed DMD-based LiFi system avoid the interference between channels, computer simulation results show that the proposed receiver achieves a 1~dB to 4~dB greater SNR than the traditional LiFi system that uses cross-talk cancellation techniques. Also, it shows the ability to quickly recover the SNR when the device is rotated, for all the rotation cases when the signals are partially or completely lost.

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Tags: 6G optical / LiFi / LiFi 6G / mobility / multi user / Optical Wireless Communication