(LiFi for camera) Vehicular LiFi using camera

This is an initial demonstration of “S2-PSK for Vehicular Optical Camera Communication”. S2-PSK stands for

(LiFi for camera) Texture Signage & Color code

This is an initial demo based on IEEE 802.15.7-2018 Optical Wireless Communication standard. 1-Textured LED

(LiFi for camera) CM FSK modulation demo

This CM-FSK is an initial version of CM-FSK that was standardized in IEEE 802.15.7-2018 Optical

(LiFi for camera) Rolling-OFDM Demo

Rolling OFDM is one of advanced OFDM modulation schemes for camera. The modulation is designed

(LiFi for Camera) C-OOK Modulation Demo

C-OOK stands for Camera-On-Off-Keying. This is one of the modulation scheme within PHY IV of

(LiFi for Camera) HA-QL Screen Modulation Demo

HA-QL (Hidden Asynchronous Quick-Link) is a hidden modulation mode among Screen-2-Camera operating modes within the