Science in household control management

Managing the devices that control the lights is paramount, as you as the homeowner need to know exactly which devices can control the lights in your room. Maybe a neighbor asks for your WiFi password, but that doesn’t mean he has the right to control the smart lighting system in your home. All devices that control the lighting system must be under the management of the homeowner.

Photo – Family user rights management interface, designed by HueLiFi Lab

The steps to manage, add or remove control devices are performed as follows:

Add/remove a control device to the system

A host app (app installed on the host’s device) has the power to add or remove a controller device/family member app to the system and allows that device/app to control some lights. Specifically.

A guest can also be granted temporary control of the lighting in your home when authorized by the host app. After that, the host can disconnect the light control rights when the guest no longer needs to share the use right.

Delegation of control

And of course, in many cases, you don’t want your parents to accidentally turn on the lights in your bedroom in the middle of the night. The granting of control can also be divided into several levels to bring privacy to users in different contexts.