IEEE 802.15.7-2018 International Standard

IEEE 802.15.7-2018 standard, full name is: “IEEE 802.15.7-2018 – IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks–Part 15.7: Short-Range Optical Wireless Communications“, is a standard for light communication technology. short range wireless light.

Contents of the standard:

“Standard defines the physical layer (PHY) and the access control layer (MAC) for short-range wireless communications using light (OWC); Light wavelengths from 10 000 nm to 190 nm are used. This standard is capable of providing sufficient data rates to support audio and video multimedia services, while also considering optical link mobility, compatibility with other infrastructures. different light, attenuation due to noise and interference from sources such as ambient light and matching MAC layer. It is also capable of transmitting optical information to cameras. This standard also complies with current regulations on eye lighting safety.”

Technologies in the standard:

PHY levelsdescribeContributed byNote
I – IIIMode available in IEEE 802.15.7-2011 (published in 2011)IEEE 802.15.7-2011Old standard
IVOWC technology for cars and outdoors
  • Intel Corp. (UFSOOK and Twinkle VPPM mode)
  • Kookmin Univ. (S2-PSK and HS-PSK mode)
Trang Nguyen is the Tech lead of the Kookmin University scientific group.
VOWC technology for indoor use
  • Panasonic (MPM mode)
  • National Taiwan Univ in partnership with Intel Corp. (RS-FSK mode)
  • Kookmin Univ. (CM-FSK and C-OOK mode)
Trang Nguyen is the Tech lead of the Kookmin University scientific group.
VIOWC technology uses the screen as the transmitter
  • SNUST (screen modes)
  • Kookmin Univ. (A-QL code and HA-QL code)
Trang Nguyen is the Tech lead of the Kookmin University scientific group.

More than half of the technologies in the IEEE 802.15.7-2018 standard were developed by Dr. Trang Nguyen proposed and became an important part of this standard. At the same time, all the above technologies have been registered and protected by 7 international patents (including US and European) and 50 Korean patents. Details of these technologies can be found on HuePress’s Additional Website at:

Set of voting members of the IEEE 802.15 standard. From left to right: Huawei, pureLiFi, Trang Nguyen (CEO@HuePress), Kookmin Univ., pureLiFi, Panasonic, Intel, Fraunhofer HHI, Panasonic. (Hawaii, USA, May 2016)
Trang Nguyen (CEO@HuePress) had dinner with experts at IEEE-SA’s social event (Taken with Huawei, Fraunhofer Germany, and Panasonic) – (Macao, March 2016)
Dinner with Panasonic company (Atlanta US, January 2016)

Take pictures with Huawei (Macau, March 2016)

Following the achievements of OWC technology already in IEEE standard and research experience with LiFi Research Institute in the UK, the latest inventions of HUEPRESS, including 09+ domestic inventions and 01 international invention, is the most advanced system available today to improve data transfer rates and increase efficiency beyond the technologies contained in the IEEE standard.

Take pictures with members of the LiFi R&D Center, (Edinburgh, UK, 2020)