Project Name: Smart City IoT Infrastructures and services: the evolution starts with light

Founded year: 2021

Description: With 10yrs of intensive R&D experience, HUEPRESS started by manufacturing IoT devices for smart home (new smart lights, switches, sensors and remote controls). On top of that, we own core technologies like LiFi, augmented reality, cm-accurate positioning and navigation, and IoT security; these are the premise for the breakthrough services in a complete smart city ecosystem. These technologies are protected by 15+ patents in Vietnam and 1+3 PCT (we own) and over 50 patents worldwide (we co-invent).

✅ While we are still outsourcing, how many international standards about Smart City have there been in the world? How many of those standards have Vietnamese names?
✅ IEEE Standards Association is the most influential global standard

Vietnam understands that, it is necessary to invest in R&D for core technology before it is too late!

Standards for Smart City, picture by IEEE Standard Association



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Smart Home Standards:

IEEE 802®

the IEEE 802 family of standards consists of 71 published standards with 54 under development.


IEEE Standard for Broadband over Power Line Networks: Medium Access Control and Physical Layer Specifications.

IEEE 1905.1™

IEEE Standard for a Convergent Digital Home Network for Heterogeneous Technologies.

IEEE 2030.5™

IEEE Standard for Smart Energy Profile Application Protocol.

IEEE P1851™

Standard for Design Criteria of Integrated Sensor-Based Test Applications for Household Appliances.

IEEE P1912™

Standard for Privacy and Security Framework for Consumer Wireless Devices.

IEEE P2785™

Standard for Architectural Framework and General Requirements for Smart Home Systems.

IEEE P2811™

Standard for Architectural Framework and Technical Requirements for Smart Lock.

IEEE P2823™

Standard for System Architecture and Technical Requirements for Smart Speakers.

IoT Standards

IEEE 1588™

IEEE Standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems

IEEE 2050™

IEEE Standard for a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) for Small-Scale Embedded Systems.


IEEE Standard for Framework of Blockchain-based Internet of Things (IoT ) Data Management.

IEEE 2413™

IEEE Standard for an Architectural Framework for the Internet of Things (IoT).

IEEE P1451.7™

Smart transducer interface for sensors and actuators – Transducers to radio frequency identification (RFID) systems communication protocols and Transducer Electronic Data Sheets (TEDS) for Internet of Things.

IEEE P2786™

Standard for General Requirements and Interoperability for Internet of Clothing.

Future-oriented breakthrough technology of Smart City

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Tràng Nguyễn is a voting member of the IEEE Standards Association