Huepress’s myHue products fully meet the legal requirements, electrical and electromagnetic safety standards, so you can rest assured to use them.

Product price includes VAT.

With a large number of products and good technical ability, we are very confident about our warranty.

Warranty provisions include:

  1. Smart round led light myHue Bulb L1 : 12 months
  2. myHue Strip L1 smart led strip light: 12 Months
  3. MyHue downlight L1 smart led ceiling light product : 12 months


  1. All components and equipment must have Huepress’s sales receipt and the sales invoice must be free of any signs of damage.
  2. Barcode serial number must be intact, with no signs of scraping, erasing, or fading.
  3. All products without serial number please keep the box and complete accessories, if not enough Huepress has the right to refuse the warranty.
  4. Equipment failures are determined to be due to technical defects or manufacturer defects.
  5. For components, equipment without serial number will be issued with a warranty card and warranted at the company’s warranty centers.


  1. The device shows signs of foreign liquid or water entering.
  2. For products marked waterproof. Huepress is not responsible for water entry under any conditions and has the absolute right to refuse warranty.
  3. Equipment due to impact or has been dropped, chipped, dented, deformed, scratched, wet stains, rust, condensation.
  4. The physical buttons no longer work.
  5. The device shows signs of fire, rats, and insects.
  6. Equipment damaged due to natural disasters, fires, using unstable power sources or due to improper installation, transportation, use, broken equipment, burnt edema, melasma, etc.
  7. No warranty for equipment and accessories such as: free products with promotions.


  1. All devices are covered free of charge during the warranty period.
  2. New goods purchased within 10 days will be exchanged for a new one immediately if the inspection of the goods is damaged due to a manufacturer’s fault.
  3. In the event that there are no new goods to exchange, we will agree to change to another new product of equal value or will refund the exact amount that you have purchased. Attention: does not apply to devices such as devices with wear and tear, devices that are cut apart, broken, lost packaging or scratched, due to dirt.
  4. In case the goods have been purchased beyond the time limit of 10 days, they will be returned for warranty (repair). If repair is not possible, the store will replace it with an equivalent product that is not necessarily 100% new.
  5. Warranty settlement time is up to 30 days from the date of receipt (except Sundays and holidays) and depending on the case can be resolved sooner or later.
  6. For non-repairable devices that are out of stock because they are no longer manufactured or are no longer available on the market, you must wait for another item of equal or higher value to be exchanged and compensate accordingly. agreement of the prevailing market price. The warranty period for the replaced product will be continued without the warranty from the beginning.
  7. For equipment that cannot be repaired in the country and must be sent to an overseas manufacturer, the time period can be extended from 4 to 6 weeks (excluding holidays and weekends).


Tel: 0246 2922 559

No. 50, lane 73, Nguyen Trai Street, Khuong Trung Ward, Thanh Xuan District, City. Hanoi


  • From 8:00 am to 5:00 pm every day of the week (except Saturday, Sunday)

  • Customers who bring goods to warranty on time will have technical staff check and receive equipment. In case the customer delivers the goods under warranty to the salesperson (not technically qualified), if there is a problem, the store will ask for a waiver of responsibility.
  • Customers who hand over the warranty equipment to the company’s employees have the right to ask the employees to return a receipt for the warranty equipment, clearly stating the condition of the equipment when handing it over to the warranty technician to ensure their rights. benefit customers.