With approximately 10 years of intensive R&D experience in light digitization technology (LiFi) and development of telecommunications technology platforms for IoT, HUEPRESS started by manufacturing IoT devices for smart home ( new smart lights, switches, sensors and remote controls). On top of that, we own core technologies like LiFi, augmented reality, centimeter-accurate positioning and directions, and IoT security technologies. All of the above core technologies and devices are the premise for the breakthrough services behind, together creating a complete ecosystem. These technologies are protected by 11 patents/applications in Vietnam and 1 PCT. In addition, we co-invent more than 50 international patents worldwide.

Vision, mission


The difference of HUEPRESS is reflected in the following three highlights:

  • HUE in “Hue lighting” – “Hue Eco-system”: Produce world-leading products for smart lighting
  • SCIENCE in “lighting science” – “Science of R&D” – “Science vision”: Creating and continuously innovating the technology we invented based on a talented, passionate and dedicated young team
  • GLOBAL in “global roadmap” – “global product and quality” – “global vision”: Providing the smartest lighting solutions for businesses and aspirations to go global.

Development history

Nearly 10 years of perfecting light digitization technology

In 2013, after graduating from Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Trang Nguyen went to Korea and officially pursued the path of researching light digitization technology. The long journey of approximately 10 years (from 2013 to present) is a long enough way to develop completely new technology to a maturity to bring to market.

During the research and development of light digitization technology, Trang Nguyen has achieved countless remarkable scientific achievements in the world as follows:

  • Over 7 international patents, 50 Korean patents, not to mention Vietnamese patents
  • Representatives attended and became voting members at IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA), an international leading technology organization that created telecommunications technology standards that everyone could use such as WiFi, Bluetooth, or Zigbee…
  • Member of LiFi Research & Development Centre, UK. For those unfamiliar with LiFi technology, Professor Harald Haas, who leads the Institute, is internationally known as the father of LiFi technology.
  •  Professor Harald is also the founder of the billion dollar company pure LiFi.
  • There are hundreds of international scientific publications, plus the scientific impact index rated by Google Scholar is very high (h-index 14).