HuePress smart anti-glare LED light – Bridgelux led chip – 12W Phi90


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HuePress smart anti-scratch LED ceiling light – Spotlight 12W 24 degrees CCT DIM 2700K-6500K

The lamp runs on 220V electricity, like other common 220V ceiling lights. No need for another controller. Bluetooth mesh control chip integrated in the lamp.

Supports individual control of 1 lamp or group of lamps at the same time, color range 2700k-6500k DIM 1%-100%


Model: MH002-L0xx

◼ Tech specs:

– Lamp power: 12W

– Voltage: AC 85-265V, 50/60Hz

– Brightness: 150lm/W

– Color rendering index (CRI) 95

– Tunable white CCT: 2700K to 6500K (Light)


– Lifespan: 60,000 hours

– Wireless technology: Bluetooth Mesh and WiFi combined



Reference information about lighting angle (Beam Angle).


✔️ High performance LED chip structure, long lifespan

✔️ Can wirelessly control Bluetooth Mesh for easy operation via Smartphone.

✔️ Unlimited control devices

✔️ Without using Hub, you can still manage many devices, saving costs.

✔️ Customize color and brightness to your liking: white light color range 6500K to 2700K yellow

✔️ Compatible with Vietnamese and International Smarthome platforms

✔️ Easy self-installation in 5 minutes

Upgraded features if used with Hue Box C:

✔️ Supports Vietnamese/English voice control (Google Home smart speaker, Alexa, FPT play box S,…)

✔️ Set timer to turn off/on the light, timer to change light color

✔️ Custom contextual lighting such as: customizing lighting effects and changing color over time.

✔️ Color synchronization: the whole room/lights will flash to the music at the same time

Supports connection with Samsung SmartThings, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT.

Voice control via smart speakers, Alexa, Google home virtual assistant, Siri Shortcuts

The product is the result of more than 10 years of international R&D experience in IoT technology, LiFi digitizing light, AI, and big data, HuePress provides smart lighting solutions in the true “science of lighting”.


The product is protected by 15 Vietnamese patents and 2 international patents.

Has CE electrical safety quality certificates, RoHS electromagnetic safety certificates, as well as Vietnam’s QCVN-19 standards

◼ Warranty information

✔ Warranty period: 24 months

✔ 1 for 1 error

◼ Note:

– When using a large number of wifi lights, you need a wifi set that can support the appropriate number of wifi devices.

– Each wifi smart lamp will be counted as a wifi device similar to a smart TV or smartphone




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